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Automation Drives and Control: Frequency Inverters (VSD)
High Technology, Modern Design and a Great Number of Available Features

Weg Variable Speed Drives

Inverter CFW 11

CFW 11

The CFW11 has an excellent drive system performance, designed for the control of electric motors in normal or heavy duty loads.

Inverter Automation CFW-700

CFW 700

A variable Speed Drive for general purpose applications with flexible plug-and-play technology for a wide range of accessories.


CFW 500

Reliability, module-shaped and ease of use for Variable Speed Drive control technology. A perfect product  in terms of quality and price.

Inverter CFW 701

CFW 701

Variable Speed Drive control technology provided with specific HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control capabilities.


CFW 501

Excellent effectiveness for a CFW 500 series provided with specific HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control capabilities.

Inverter Weg CFW100

CFW 100

Many application with advanced technology at Your fingertips. Incredible small dimensions from 0,18 kW up to 0,75 kW.


Frequency Inverters to control 3Phase Electric Motors in industrial applications with modern design, high compactness, a great number of available features.

Presale Support

Our WEG awarded technicians may help You with perfect motion control solutions, providing increased productivity and improvement in the quality of the process.

Motion Control

High-software optimization and easy set through an easy to use Man-Machine Interface. Performance is excellent, providing the total control of the electric motor.


Use these inverters for all applications

Applications: Explore the endless possibilities to move Your application forward with Us.

Downloads: Weg Variable Speed Drives and Automation

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