CFW700 Inverter

  • Description

    One of the main focus of WEG VSDs is to have one product for general purpose applications; WEG is now launching the CFW700 series.

    This is a cost/benefit optimized inverter family based on the CFW11:

    • Optimized solution for OEM markets
    • Communication: CANopen, Profibus-DP, DeviceNetand Modbus-RTU
    • New keypad with customized indications
    • Built-in DC link inductor as standard
    • Plug and play technology
    • Encoder input as standard
    • Built-in EMC Filter
    • Built-in Soft-PLC

    Its power ratings range from:

    • 1,1 up to 55 kW 200-240 V – Single Phase (up to 2,2 kW)
    • 1,5 up to 110 kW 380-480 V – Three Phase

    The possibility for fitting in the CFW700 series with accessories discarding any need for additional configuration (Plug and Play Philosophy) saves time and allows quickness and easiness when attempting to install modules.

    Beyond all the functionalities brought by CFW700, another outstanding feature is the micro PLC built into the product. This gives flexibility for developing application that require ladder programming thus the use of an additional PLC can be discarded.

  • Features

    • V / F (scalar), Sensorless Vectorial control and Closed Loop Vectorial Control
    • Sinusoidal PWM modulation – Space Vector Modulation
    • EMC filters (built-in)
    • Communication networks: CANopen, ProfiBus DP, DeviceNet, Devicenet Profile, Modbus RTU
    • PID Regulator
    • DSP Control
    • Built-in Inductors in the link DC
    • No need for external
    • USB Connection
    • On-line Monitoring
    • PLC Acessory – PLC 11-01 (Optional board)
    • Normal and Heavy Duty Applications
  • Typical Applications

    Multi Pump Control, Pumps, Fans/ Exhausts, Compressors, Paper and Cellulose / Wood, Cement and Mining, Chemical and Petrochemical, Iron Works and Metallurgy, Elevation, Refrigeration, Sugar and Alcohol, Process Machine