W22 Super Premium Efficiency IE4 Electric Motors

  • Description

    In the last two decades global energy consumption has increased more then 50%, this increasing demand for electric energy to sustain global development requires constant investment in power supply generation.
    One of the main reasons for the global increase in power consumption is the industrial sector: the electric motor represents more than 40% of the total energy consumed globally.
    Due to this increase it is more important now that products are manufactured with energy efficiency as the main driver. Aware and concerned about this situation, several Governments are implementing Minimum Energy Efficiency Performance Standards in order to drive the use of highefficient equipment.
    With this situation in mind WEG presents its W22 Super Premium Efficiency motor line, exceeding the IE4 Efficiency Levels defined in IEC Technical Specification IEC/TS 60034-31 and draft IEC Standard 60034-30 edition 2.
    High overall performance which is translated into a lower Total Cost of Ownership, due to its reliability, easy maintenance and energy savings!

  • Features

    • Output: 3 up to 355kW
    • Three-phase, multivoltage, IP55, TEFC
    • Super Premium Efficiency
    • Number of Poles: 2, 4, 6
    • Frames: 132 up to 355A/B
    • Mounting: B3T
    • Voltage: 400V
    • Class “F” insulation (ΔT=80K)
    • Continuous duty: S1
    • Design N
    • WISE® (WEG Insulation System Evolution) insulation system – Suitable for inverter duty applications*
    • Thermistors (1 per phase) for frames 160M to 355A/B
    • Ambient temperature: 40°C, at 1000 m.a.s.l.
    • Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminium die cast
    • V’Ring seal for frames up to 200L and for frames 225S/M to 355A/B
    • Stainless steel nameplate AISI 316
    • Fan Covers: steel made for frames up to 132M/L and cast iron made for frames 160M to 355A/B
    • Regreasing nipple for frames 225S/M to 355A/B
    • Metric threaded cable entries on the terminal box
    • Color: RAL 6002 – Green

    *For additional details about Inverter operation, please contact our technical support.

    *Special Insulation for voltage above 575V.

  • Available Options

     A wide range of optionals is available:

    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Other voltages
    • Design H
    • Class “H” insulation
    • Thermostats or RTD-PT 100 on winings and bearings
    • Thermal protection
    • Degree of Protection: IP56, IP65, IP66, IPW56, IPW65 or IPW66
    • Bearing seals:
      • Lip seal
      • Oil seal
      • Labyrinth taconite seal and W3seal
    • Additional terminal box
    • Space heaters
    • Fans: Aluminum, Cast Iron and Drip cover for vertical applications;
    • Double shaft end
    • Encoder
    • Cable glands in plastic and brass
    • Blower kit (TEBC)
    • Roller bearings
  • Typical Applications

    Pumps, Fans, Crushers, Conveyor belts, Mills, Centrifugal machines, Presses, Elevators, Packaging equipment, Grinders and other.

Application Fields

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