Top Quality Geared Motors
Modular Gear Technology Meets the Requirements of Advanced Drive Systems

Watt Drive Geared Motors – WEG Group

Helical Geared Motors

UNIBLOCK® design for foot and flange mounting. Optimized gearing geometry. Two shaft seals arrangement for special environmental conditions.

Shaft Mounted Geared Motors

Although equipped with special double chamber shaft seals, this model is very economical and benefits from the parallel shaft geared motor.

Parallel Shaft Geared Motors

Possibility of different mounting options, thanks to stable housing and minimum outside dimensions. This model perfectly fits your machine design.

Helical Bevel Geared Motors

Compact structure and machining on all sides, ready for every application. Flat and easy mounting due to the motor position.

Helical Worm Geared Motors

Low contour design and easy access, ideal for food industry. High levels of efficiency and torque, because of optimized shape.

Worm Geared Motors

Different fixing possibilities and configurations through built-on accessories. Light weight construction for the housing and easy assembling.

Weg Geared Motors

Watt Drive Geared Motors are the electro-mechanical key elements for low backlash, smoothly running and highly dynamic drive systems. 

Presale Support

Our WEG awarded technicians may help You by finding the perfect solutions, providing increased productivity and improvement in the quality of the process.

Motion Control

Combined with WEG Watt Drive Gearbox, WEG Frequency Inverter enhance performance enabling the application total control. With efficiency and safety.


Wattdrive Geared Motors enhance the performances of your application, by guaranteeing reliability and long lifetime in different contexts.

Applications: Explore the endless possibilities to move Your application forward with Us.

Downloads: Weg Watt Drive Systems

Feel free to get more information on WEG Official Documentation

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