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Many plants worldwide need a revamping to optimize their performance and actualize their production capabilities.

The revamping of production plants is a current issue. Now more than ever it is necessary to adapt old plants to new production levels, by taking energy efficiency and competitiveness into consideration.

It is a matter of extending the lifespan of the plant, by generating innovation, modernity and streamlining with a competitive impulse in terms of output and efficiency.

You can intervene in different ways: the installation of a new impeller, built thanks to the newest aeraulic technologies, or the replacement of the whole fan with a more efficient model. It is also possible to replace electric motors, increasing their efficiency level. Even the installation of variable speed drives and specific soft starts can improve your application.

We will be pleased to advise you on the revamping, so that it could enhance your device, making it more efficient, low-cost and productive.


It is very interesting to speak about performance optimization. Nevertheless we have to consider the value of the investment and the Total Cost of Ownership. So optimization of energy consumption became a must in a more competitive market.

General Plants Revamping

Many engineering offices ask our products for their customers. So consultants look for the newest technologies and the capabilities to do exactly what they need. Revamping time is Your second chance to make a plant perfect or actualize its performance at new production standards. Sometime it is a sort of fine-tuning, an opportunity to find solutions for unpredictable situations.

Industrial Fans Revamping

New technologies enable the improvement of new machinery. Ecodesign regulations require new parameters of high efficiency for fans and blowers. Less energy consumption is an interesting argument and revamping may be the right moment to invest in a high efficiency fan. A new plant design with a different work modality or directly with a substitution of the entire industrial fan or blower.

Electric Motors Revamping

Old or damaged motors may have very low efficiency levels and may compromise the plant functionality. Our technical department may prepare a feasibility study to determine the TCO, total cost of ownership, of the installed electric motors. WEG ‘s Payback Tool is useful to calculate electricity consumption, running cost and the reduction in Co2 emissions. Please ask if there are subsidies on purchases of high efficiency solutions.

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