Exhaust Fans

The perfect cooling exhaust fan

High air volume delivery for your warehouse

low pressure belt drive trasmission em industrial fan

Air exchange

Industrial processes move big volumes of exhaust air. This fan is ideal to satisfy ventilation needs in the most efficient way.

Axial exhaust fan


If you need to chill your working area or big spaces like warehouses, maintaining constant humidity levels, this fan line is the perfect solution for you.

EM Exhaust fan

Humidity control

Keep the desired room temperature and guarantee appropriate dehumidification to the environment, while reducing energy costs.


Industrial Laundries

It is useful to install exhaust fans, resistant to wet atmospheres, to suction and remove steam and vapour.


Excessive humidity or heat can endanger plant growth. An excellent ventilation system is essential to assure perfect conditions.

Breeding Farms

To enhance the production and safeguard animal health, maintaining correct environmental indoor conditions is fundamental.


Humidity problems can affect indoor production processes. Our fans are the ideal solution for air exchange and temperature control.

Drying Process

The air, moved by the fans, is the key element of the process and you may have gas or other suspended substances to be suctioned.

Wine cellars

Air exchange is fundamental during wine fermentation, because of the high levels of CO2. These fans are ideal for the grape drying process too.

Technical details


No more gravity dampers! Patented centrifugal system for the shutters. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Double protection net (EMS series), instead of the shutter, on demand.


Square case and Venturi duct in resistant corrosion-proof galvanized steel or stainless steel. To face mist, vapours and humidity conditions and guarantee an increased airflow.


Hub and pulley in reinforced die-cast aluminium. Blades made of stainless steel, galvanised steel or pre-coated galvanised steel. Impeller structure suitable for high airflows and low pressures.


All measurements are in millimiters.

Ventilation Systems

Here you can find some typical environments in which these exhaust fans can be installed.

Longitudinal ventilation (up to 60 m)

Longitudinal ventilation (over 60 m)

Indoor ventilation with EMS

Cross ventilation


ModelHPRPMAirflow (m³/h) at 0 PA

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