Inverter CFW500

  • Descrizione

    CFW500 is the last series of inverter launched by WEG on European market; reliability, modularity and ease of use are his main features.
    Its power ratings range from:

    • 0,18 up to 2,2 kW 200-240 V – Single Phase
    • 0,18 up to 22 kW 380-480 V – Three Phase
    The philosophy Plug and Play (connect and use) enables quick and easy installation of accessories and options. It automatically recognizes and configures the accessories used, enabling easy installation and safe operation eliminating manual configuration.
    Programming software for PC (USB connection), Windows environment, for parametrization, command and monitoring of CFW500 inverters.
  • Caratteristiche

    • V / F (scalar), Sensorless Vectorial control and Closed Loop Vectorial Control
    • Sinusoidal PWM modulation – Space Vector Modulation
    • EMC filters (built-in)
    • Communication networks: CANopen, ProfiBus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU
    • PID Regulator
    • DSP Control
    • HMI 500
    • Flexible Interface using modules plug-in with additional input and output options
    • Module SoftPLC
    • Memory card Mcard
    • Input and output in frequency
    • USB Connection
    • Flash Memory Model
    • Ambient temperature of 50°C and 40°C if built side by side
    • Normal and Heavy Duty Applications
    The CFW500 control can identify up to 64 different plug-in modules. All interfaces are compatible with memory card, SoftPLC module and HMIR500.
  • Impieghi Tipici

    Multi Pump Control, Pumps, Fans/Exhausts, Compressors, Paper and Cellulose, Wood, Chemical and Petrochemical, Elevation, Refrigeration, Sugar and Alcohol