Inverter CFW501

  • Descrizione

    The CFW501 HVAC is a variable-speed drive intended for use with asynchronous motors when heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration applications are to be met.

    Man / Machine Interface:

    Intuitive HMI
    Built-in as standard and remote for the panel door

  • Caratteristiche

    • Focus on HVAC Duty Overload current: 110% during 60 s Ambient temperature: 50 ºC
    • Internal RFI Filter RFI Filter complying with IEC61800-3 Category C2 or C3 as optional
    • Low Harmonic Distortion Meets the standard IEC61000-3-12
    • SoftPLC PLC functions: making it a fexible and optimized solution
    • Advanced PID Main PID control the process by itself and additional PID for use to control independent process variables
    • Communication Protocols BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2 and Modbus-RTU (available in terminals)
    • Conformal Coating as Standard
    • Flash Memory Saving up to 2 diferent settings
  • Impieghi Tipici

    Pumping and Ventilation Systems in general, Hospitals, Airports, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Shoppings Malls, Compressors (chillers)

  • Software Gratuito

    • WEG Ladder Programmer (WLP) For user use when developing macros on ladder environment.
    • Superdrive G2 For user use when monitoring, configuring and command the drive operation