Inverter CFW701

  • Descrizione

    The CFW701 HVAC is a VSD intended for use with asynchronous motors when heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration applications are to be met, offering excellent effectiveness follows the CFW700 topology.

    Thinking of matching energy savings with speed variation on variable torque loads WEG is now coming with the new HVAC Drive CFW701. Beyond speed control HVAC functionalities like broken belt detection, fireman override mode, dry pump, independent PID blocks, short cycle protection( compressors) are equipping the product. Being conscious of the demand for drives with new functionalities brought by the rapid HVAC market evolution WEG makes available through the CFW701 a PLC code programming environment open for users to make their own macros. By just connecting the computer to the drive with WEG Ladder Programmer (WLP) installed the user is good to go.

    Power and Voltage Ratings

    • 1.1 up to 55 kW (1.5 up to 75 HP) 220- 240 V – Single phase (up to 2.2 kW (3HP))
    • 1.5 up to 110 kW (2 up to 175 HP) 380-480 V – Three phase
  • Caratteristiche

    • RFI filter built into the product.
    • Conformal coated ( In accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-60)
    • Specific HVAC functions
    • Three PID control blocks ( no need for additional controller)
    • Bypass
    • Fire mode
    • Sleep mode
    • Energy Saving
    • Drive I/Os available for use on the ladder programming via WLP.
    • Independent Feeding of control. The control can be fed with external 24Vdc.( optional card – factory installed)
    • Communication Protocols embedded in the product through RS-485 available in terminals:
    • BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2 e Modbus RTU
    • DC inductor built into the product for all frame sizes.
    • Plug and Play Philosophy
    • Soft PLC function existent
    • Keypad with Engineering Units ( bar, ºC,…)
  • Software gratuito

    • WEG Ladder Programmer (WLP) For user use when developing macros on ladder environment
    • Superdrive G2 for user use when monitoring, configuring and command the drive operation
  • Impieghi tipici

    Pumping and Ventilation Systems in general, Hospitals, Airports, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Shoppings Malls, Compressors (chillers)