Agricultural Industry

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Agricultural Industry, Breeding and Zootechnics

Agricultural Fans and Blowers. For Greenhouses, Barns, Breeding and Zootechnics. Exhaust and Circulation Fans, Ventilation Fans.

Agriculture and animal-breeding are key sectors for human life, whose evolution brings social benefits on a large scale in terms of food price reduction and increasing demand of supplies. Assessing efficient and lasting industrial solutions for agricultural fans and blowers is essential for the process optimization.

Greenhouses. An interesting application of Stiavelli Irio srl agricultural fans and blowers is the creation of a perfect environment for flowers growing and plants life. It is a solution to modify temperature and humidity in tunnel greenhouses. Moreover, control equipments are needed for crops which are cultivated in greenhouses.
Centrifugal or axial fans, combined with heat exchangers or humidifiers, are used to recreate the micro-climates suitable for the various cultivations. Fans may be used to reduce condensation and temperature in summer cooling or, with the application of heat exchangers, they can help the crops in warm winters. Circulation fans are designed to move high volume of air with low pressure to equalize temperature.

Sugar and Alcohol Industry. Sugar production involves many specific processes and raw materials (sugar cane, beet sugar) to produce a ready to use white or brown granulated sugar. Another product from this process is blackstrap molasses. Industrial fans and blowers are employed for the production and packaging phases.
Sugar is the main material involved in alcohol production, please refer to Chemical Industry Application for more info.

Zootechnics, Livestock. The need for fresh air is particularly felt in cattle breeding stables, in enclosures for animals, in intensive and battery farming. Exhaust fans are the proper solution for the removal of bad smells and exhalations which are necessary to improve the quality of animals’ life, increase productivity and contribute to prevent the risk of disease and epidemics in livestocks farming. Industrial fans and blowers may be used to reduce temperature in summer cooling too.
In animal husbandry and farming, animal feed artificial drying prevent moulds as well as an increase in the nutritional value of the product.

Gas Production. Fermentation of biological waste is a process for natural gas production. This gas may be used for electric power production. Sometimes operative areas are classified and require explosion-proof fans and blowers (compliance with ATEX Directive).


Compliance with ERP 2015 Directive 2009/125/EC for setting of Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products.


Standard: Carbon Steel S 235 JR. Upgraded to Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316, or the most suitable material or alloy for the application. Plastic too.

Explosion Proof

Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers may be supplied in Explosion-Proof version in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Centrifugal and Axial Fans

Industrial Fans Solutions for Agricultural Industry, Breedings and Zootechnics

Centrifugal or axial fans are used in a wide range of applications in Agricultural Industry, Breeding and Zootechnics.

As explained above, these are also used in the treatment of sewage, sludges and organic and non-organic waste, produced by animal husbandry or farming.

  • Typical applications

    Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers may be used for the following applications:

    • Greenhouses ventilation
    • Exhaust fumes treatment and emissions processing
    • Fermentation gas extraction
    • Air conditioning of working premises
    • Heat recovery
    • Drying of fodder, sludges, sewage
    • Dust, grain, leaves aspiration
    • Material handling
    • Pneumatic transport
    • Vacuum packing machines
    • Supply of fuel for burners and boilers
    • Natural gas processing plants

    Please, feel free to contact our technical department for further information.

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Best industrial fans for For Greenhouses Barns Breeding and Zootechnics


V (m³/h) = 180÷96000
Pt (kg/m²) = 13÷240

YEVF Axial Fans

V (m³/h) = 1320÷120000
Pt (kg/m²) = 4÷100
Industrial Tower Fan


V (m³/h) = 1320÷15000
Pt (kg/m²) = 18÷107
low pressure belt drive trasmission em industrial fan

EM Axial Fans

V (m³/h) = 9500÷42000
Pt (kg/m²) = 1÷4

Our works for Agricutural Industry Applications

Solutions for Agricultural Industry applications. Industrial Fans and WEG high quality Electric Motors.


Agricultural fans and blowers for Livestock, Greenhouses, Barns, Breeding and Zootechnics. Exhaust and Circulation Fans, Ventilation Fans.
Centrifugal fans, Axial fans, Exhaust fans, Aerators, Seeds conveying, Drying systems, Strame, Round bales, Fodder, Feed mill, Centrifugal separators, Waste, Treatments, Refuses, Manure, Sewage, Energy, Methane, Watering systems, Water handling unit, Discharge, Basin.

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