Axial Fan for Cork Production Plant

  • Duty

    This fan is used to convey air, in order to cool down the product coming from the cork production plant.

  • Range

    V (m3/h) = 12.200
    Pt (kg/m3) = 382

  • Features

    Aluminium impeller, flow B.

  • Technical Note

    Fan in arrangement 9, provided with belts, pulleys, belt protection guard and inlet nozzle to enhance aeraulic performances.

  • Motor control

    WEG Electric Motor 90L4, 1,5 kW, 4 poles, mounting B3, V 230/400/50, IE3 Efficiency.

  • Technical Department

    This kind of axial fan can be employed for different applications, to convey air in the industrial production processes.


Food Industry

From raw material to end product. Food processing, manufacturing, conveying aging and packaging.