Ceramic Industry, Clay

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Ceramic Industry, Clay

Fans and Blowers for Drying, Exhausting Systems, Kilns Burners. Dedusting Fans. WEG AC Motors for Mills, Breaking, Mixer, Extruders, Dosers.

Manufacturing of clay offers very interesting products. Many of them are involved in construction industry and buildings. Industrial fans and blowers are employed and suitable for plants and machinery for the production of tiles (for floors, roofs, walls), extruded products, structural or technical ceramics. Dedusting fans also have an important role on filtration devices in manufacturing plants equipped with dust collection system to extract volatile powder residues of clay during the process. Other applications can be found for sanitary wares and bathroom fixtures, tablewares as dishes and flatwares manufacturing machinery.
The clay manufacturing process starts from raw materials handling for the body and the glaze preparation.

Kilns and Filtration Application. A wide range of industrial fans and blowers specific to supply combustion air to the kilns (Forced draft fans) are widely employed and forced draft fans are also requested for the suction of exhaust fumes. The dedusting fan is involved for filtration systems with bag filter or other air cleaning solutions for emission in the atmosphere (dust abatement). A further application is the air treatment for rooms and places where the ceramic products are manufactured.

Drying and Other Process. Industrial fans are employed in drying and desiccation processes to obtain a low pressure air flow with high energy efficiency, suitable for the regulation of the product humidity level to guarantee the perfect desiccation grade.
Industrial fans have application on rapid dryers, continuous dryers, static dryers also with heat exchangers use. For this process air flow is directed on the manufactured products in the correct way to obtain uniformity of the drying process. Specific exhaust fans are applied to remove the excess of humidity in the dryer.
High pressure industrial fans are used for pneumatic conveying and mechanical draught of mixed powders, minerals and dust.


Compliance with ERP 2015 Directive 2009/125/EC for setting of Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products.


Standard: Carbon Steel S 235 JR. Upgraded to Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316, or the most suitable material or alloy for the application.

Explosion Proof

Industrial fans structured for high temperature fluid. Specific arrangements, Cooling Devices and options. Heat Insulation.

Centrifugal and Axial Fans

Industrial Fans Solutions for Ceramic Industry

Centrifugal or axial fans are used in clay derivatives manufacturing to supply combustion air to the kiln or for abatement systems with bag filters, electrostatic precipitators (dedusting fan) and for smoke outlets.

  • Typical applications

    Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers maybe used for the following applications:

    • Supply of combustion air for furnaces
    • Aspiration and filtration of the grinder dust
    • Exhaust and fume extraction systems
    • Exhaust fumes treatment and emissions processing
    • Abatement of fluoride in the furnace fumes
    • Brick finishing treatments
    • Continuous drying
    • Packaging machinery

    Please, feel free to contact our technical department for further information.

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Medium Pressure Fan


V (m³/h) = 670÷255000
Pt (kg/m²) = 72÷900
YVA Belt Drive Centrifugal Industrial Fan


V (m³/h)=1200÷228000
Pt (kg/m²) = 95÷1100
YHP High Pressure Blower


V (m³/h) = 120÷28500
Pt (kg/m²) = 190÷1870

YEVF Axial Fans

V (m³/h) = 1320÷120000
Pt (kg/m²) = 4÷100


Fans and Blowers for Drying, Exhausting Systems, Kilns Burners. Dedusting Fans.
Centrifugal fans and blowers, Plant Construction, Raw materials treatment, Materials movement, Preparation, Refractories, Firing, Shaping and Glazing, Terracotta, Environmental solutions, Dedusting fans, Kilns, Gas burners, Heat Recovery solutions, Breaking, Mixer, Extruders, Doser, Crushers, Processing of aggregates, Belt conveyors, Roller Mills, Mixers, Refractory, Kaolin, Silica, Sand.

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