Galvanized Fan for Environmental Industries

  • Duty

    Corrosive smokes extraction induced draft fan. Corrosive smokes coming from hot galvanisation bath.

  • Range

    V (m3/h) = 78.000
    Pt (kg/m2) = 400

  • Features

    Medium pressure centrifugal fan.
    Reinforced high efficiency backward-curved blades impeller (Class III) manufactured in wear-proof CORTEN steel.
    Galvanization treatment and reinforced parts.
    Fan supplied in Arrangement 1.

  • technical note

    This model of industrial fan is made of high-thickness carbon steel. The whole structure is galvanized. It is a special design fan with a continuous welded case well bolted on the base and a reinforced nozzle.
    Class III construction ensures a better structural strenght. In the picture only the internal ring is visible, the other one is located outside the blades.
    The machine is in arrangement 1: the impeller is mounted on the housing with oversized bearings and a regreasing system.
    The supply includes the fan in arrangement 1, a “grade 4″, a statically and dynamically balanced couple of pulleys and high efficiency european top quality belts. The whole group will be set on the existing bedplate.

  • Technical Department

    The most important features for this fan are a solid construction and the galvanizing process on whole surface. By these processes the fan can handle corrosive fluids avoiding problems related to acid attack on the casing and the impeller, ensuring reliability over time.

Environmental – Waste Treatment

Waste treatments and exhaust air purification, Thermal treatment and incinerators. Recycling too.