Industrial Fan for Dedusting Plant

  • Duty

    After-filter fan for suction and fine dust abatement.

  • Range

    V (m3/h) = 70.000
    Pt (mm/ H2O) = 1.400 a +20°C
    Operating temperature = 170°C.

  • Features

    High pressure centrifugal fan. High efficiency backward-curved blades impeller. Arrangement 8 (coupling drive). Reinforced structure, casing separated from the base and splitted, with provision for insulation.

  • Technical Note

    This fan has a special arrangement, derives from the standard series and is customized according to customer’s needs; the impeller is made of stainless steel AISI 304L and the fan is provided with vibration sensors, temperature control sensor for the support bearings, separated casing, splitted to enable fan transportation in container; the support is appropriately dimensioned to guarantee a bearing lifetime of at least 80.000 hours.

  • Motor control

    WEG electric motor 355 M/L 400 kW, 4 poles, 400 V, 3AC, 50 Hz.

  • Technical Department

    The industrial application is not simple, since the fan has to ensure continuous dust suction for the whole day. It is connected to the dust extraction system through a self-cleaning bag filter, at a fluid operating temperature of 170°C. The fan is equipped with a packing seal on the center bore, to prevent the leak of suctioned fluid. The motor is coupled to the fan through elastic joint. Particular attention was paid to the impeller balancing, reaching quality grade 2G ISO 1940/1. Vibration sensors, temperature control sensors for the bearings and powder coating make this series ideal for the most strenuous applications in different sectors.

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