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Environmental – Waste Treatment

Industrial Fans and Blowers for Waste Treatment Plants. Bag Filters, Cyclones, Scrubbers, Biofilters. High Efficiency Dust Fans.

Stiavelli Irio srl industrial fans and blowers for environmental solutions applied at filtering systems have a long-standing application. Processes and equipments for this sector are several and often very specific. Recycling technologies may be innovative and advanced in concept and design, requiring proper solutions to meet specific requirements.

Environmental Applications. Industrial fans and blowers are used for the treatment of exhaust fumes and emissions processing in dust fan configuration, with pollutant abatement through industrial filtration, separation devices as bag filters, electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, carbon or cartridge filters. Exhalations, pollutants, gases, fluids containing powders, suspended substances (often abrasive or corrosive) require specific abatement and treatment procedures: our Fans and Blowers has to excell in treatment, in processing emissions from waste incineration, by guaranteeing the maximum efficiency for the highest environmental standards and enhanced solutions and reliability for wastewater treatment plants.

Industrial Induced Draft Fans. They find wide application with pollutants from treatment plants. After the fumes has been draught out, a proper abatement plant is necessary to clean combusted fumes before the emission in the atmosphere. Separation devices work with industrial fans before a chimney provides a proper smoke outlet. The kind of fumes and gas may vary according to the process, because different plants for various purposes work at different atmospheres too. The method exhaust air purification depends on the exhaust air volume and temperature, the type and the concentration of the emitted pollutants, the economic value of the recovered materials. During the treatment of some fumes blowers can ignite sodium carbonate and soda in neutralizer devices for the pH regulation.

Thermal Treatment and Incinerators. Municipal and industrial organic and non-organic waste are a valuable energy source. After a process of shredding, sorting and drying to obtain combustible material, they are burned in incineration plants at high temperatures (depending on the process and the type of waste). They produce energy that may be applied in many useful ways (electric power, heating). Incinerators work not only with municipal or  industrial waste but with medical or hazardous waste, wastewaters and sludges, petroleum derivatives. A wide range of Forced Draft Fans supply combustion air for thermal treatments in burner systems.

Biogas Production Plants and Gas Treatment. Fermentation of biological waste is a widespread process for natural gas production. Bacteria enable the gas production during the digestion processes of organic waste, sements, animal manure and biological waste. This gas may be used for electric power production. Gas cleaning systems are necessary to deprive the gas of elements that may degrade the end product quality which is used to fuel and power gas engine or burners. Therefore, biogas may be upgraded to biomethane for the combustion. Flue gas treatment systems are useful to remove hazardous substances generated in combustion process of the gas. Filters and/or wet scrubber are employed for this application.
Operative areas may be classified and require explosion-proof fans and blowers (in compliance with Atex Directive). In the garbage dump, flammable gas and fluids may generate due to various chemical treatments.


Compliance with ERP 2015 Directive 2009/125/EC for setting of Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products.


Standard: Carbon Steel S 235 JR. Upgraded to Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316, or the most suitable material or alloy for the application. Plastic too.

Explosion Proof

Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers may be supplied in Explosion-Proof version in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Centrifugal and Axial Fans

Industrial Fans Solutions for Environmental Sector

The filtration processes are entrusted to specific systems or other apparatus which work in multimode.

  • Typical applications

    As explained above, Industrial Fans and Blowers are used with filtering devices for the following applications:

    • Fumes abatement and treatment systems
    • De-dusting applications and systems
    • Scrubber systems
    • Treatment of pollutants
    • Treatment of waste from the paper industry

    Safeguarding the environment is crucial and we pay particular attention to companies working in the field of materials recovery, recycling, separated waste collection and disposal in waste-to-energy incinerator plants.

    • Fraction of qualitative raw materials
    • Air purification systems
    • Bio-filtration systems and biomasses
    • Treatment of gaseous effluents
    • Treatment of organic waste
    • Supply of air for incinerator ovens
    • Anaerobic digestors
    • Water purification and treatment plants

    Please, feel free to contact our technical department for further information.

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V (m³/h) = 180÷362000
Pt (kg/m²) = 13÷440
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V (m³/h) = 330÷220000
Pt (kg/m²) = 35÷540
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V (m³/h) = 670÷255000
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V (m³/h)=1200÷228000
Pt (kg/m²) = 95÷1100

Our works for Environmental Sector

Solutions for Environmental Sector. Industrial Fans and WEG high quality Electric Motors.

centrifugal fan for Environmental applications Galvanized Fan
Centrifugal industrial fan Environmental application Air Treatment


Industrial Fans and Blowers for Waste Treatment Plants. Bag Filters, Cyclones, Scrubbers, Biofilters. High efficiency Dust Fans.
Centrifugal fan, Axial fan, Exhaust fan, Suction, Collection, Fume damp, Flue gas, Fumes, Gas, Fluids, Air, False air hoods, Exhausters, Oil mist, Spray booth, Filtering systems, Dust fans, Processing departments, Cleanroom, Air handling unit, Water handling unit, Aerators, Blowers.