Leisure Industry

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Leisure Industry

Exhaust Fans, Blowers, Centrifugal, Axial fans for Air attractions, Wind tunnels VWT, Air Supported Structures, Air Domes. Fumes Extractors.

Industrial fans and electric motors are often employed in the entertainment industry. The Leisure Industry includes amusement parks, theme and game parks and sport structures. Centrifugal fans, blowers and axial fans have a wide field of applications directly, on devices and attractions. For example, exhaust fans are requeired for domes, arenas and theatres.

There is an incredible variety of applications and these are increasing day by day, thanks to a growing request of new and innovative attractions and leisure activities for holidays and free time.

Air change and treatment. Leisure attractions can be placed in open sky parks like stadiums, arenas, resorts, zoos, water parks or indoor buildings, like aquariums, swimming pools, sport centers, gymnasiums, shopping centers and more, where exhaust fans and ventilation systems are employed. For example for zoos, aquariums and circuses, special air treatment plants or ventilation system with heaters or coolers may be requested for environmental conservation.

Air domes. Itinerant structures like circuses and shows or permanent structures like tennis and soccer courts or exposition domes require industrial fans and blowers to move warm/cold air and keep them inflated. A common application for industrial fans is the pressurization duty for pressostatic baloons to play tennis indoor in winter or raining season. Due to continuous duty, an energy-efficient solution is preferred.

Sky diving simulators, Sport simulation. Sport activities require specific simulators for training as sky-diving. Very interesting is the solution for sky-diving in a portable configuration, which make a show easy to be performed everywhere. Therefore, industrial fans and blowers may be useful for the simulation of weather events such as wind, waves, rain, snow, fog. 


Compliance with ERP 2015 Directive 2009/125/EC for setting of Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products.


Standard: Carbon Steel S 235 JR. Upgraded to Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316, or the most suitable material or alloy for the application. Plastic too.


Industrial fans structured for high temperature fluids. Specific arrangements, Cooling Devices and options. Heat Insulation.

Centrifugal and Axial Fans

Industrial Fans Solutions for Leisure Industry

Industrial fans may be adopted as standard solutions for typical applications or for the most creative and innovative ones.

  • Typical applications

    Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers may be employed in theme parks, water parks and attractions:

    • Open air attractions
    • Skydiving simulators
    • Water waves generators
    • Windsurf simulators
    • Aerodynamics devices
    • Vertical wind tunnels VWT
    • Whirlpools
    • Amusement rides
    • Air supported structures (Tennis, football, swimming pools)
    • Air domes
    • Rides

    Industrial Fans are often employed in sport arenas, indoor stadiums, cinemas and theme park buildings.

    • Arena and spa air conditioning
    • Fume extractors
    • Conditioning and heating
    • Rest or dressing rooms
    • Restaurants, laundries and utilities
    • Supply of fuel for boilers and ovens
    • Fumes abatement and treatment systems

    Industrial fans for water world and water-correlated applications, acquariums, marine parks may be used for:

    • Water purification and treatment
    • Acquarium oxygenation
    • Waves and bubbles swimming pools
    • Fog and vapour generators
    • Supply of combustion air for boilers

    Please, feel free to contact our technical department for further information.

Related Industrial Fans

YVA Belt Drive Centrifugal Industrial Fan


V (m³/h)=1200÷228000
Pt (kg/m²) = 95÷1100
YHP High Pressure Blower


V (m³/h) = 120÷28500
Pt (kg/m²) = 190÷1870

YEVF Axial Fans

V (m³/h) = 1320÷120000
Pt (kg/m²) = 4÷100
low pressure belt drive trasmission em industrial fan

EM Axial Fans

V (m³/h) = 9500÷42000
Pt (kg/m²) = 1÷4


V (m³/h) = 200÷60000
Pt (kg/m²) = 10÷110


Exhaust Fans, Blowers, Centrifugal, Axial fans for Air attractions, Wind tunnels VWT, Air Supported Structures, Air Domes. Fumes Extractors.
Centrifugal fans, Axial fans, Aerators, Blowers, Environmental humidity control, Vacuum machinery, Air and Fumes treatments, Air conditioning, Air barriers, Amusement rides, Roller coaster, sky diving simulators, Wind tunnels, Cable car, Giant wheels.

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