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Mines and Tunnels

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Mines and Tunnels

Mine Ventilation and Exhaust Gas Radial or Axial Ducted Fans and Blowers. Heavy Duty and High Efficiency Mine Fans. Explosion Proof too.

Mines, tunnels and quarries require fans and blowers for ventilation or exhaust gas systems. High pressure axial fans blow air into ducts, tunnels and underground passages. In mining ventilation systems axial fans may be applied to exhaust or in discharge configuration and proper technology may be used to satisfy required specifications.

Moreover, centrifugal and axial fans may be applied as main or optional machineries for many consequent processes and applications, such as digging tunnels and drilling, to convey the extracted material or residual matter, for pneumatic conveying, crushing and subsequent processing.

Mine fans require heavy-duty design with welded flanges to ensure reliability, resistance and long life in the harshest environments and severe conditions. Specific painting process, galvanic finishing or inox steel and corrosion resistant materials will protect the fan against corrosive gas and atmosphere. Correct impeller balancing, welded flange connections and dampers minimize vibrations, whereas high efficiency silencers reduce noise level. High energy efficiency is also required to reduce consumptions.

To increase air pressure, we can supply multi-impeller axial fans or configurations, made of two or more fans mounted in series. Centrifugal fans may be used for mining and tunneling applications and for special purpose tunnels, ducts, pipes and channels.

Heavy-duty design and construction, proper materials with considerable thickness, suitable for harsh environments and corrosive atmospheres.
Explosive gas or dusts may be found in galleries. Process plants may be classified as hazardous areas. Explosion-proof or anti-sparkling construction.


Compliance with ERP 2015 Directive 2009/125/EC for setting of Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products.


Standard: Carbon Steel S 235 JR. Upgraded to Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316, or the most suitable material or alloy for the application.

Explosion Proof

Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers may be supplied in Explosion-Proof version in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Centrifugal and Axial Fans

Industrial Fans Solutions for Mines and Tunnels

  • Typical applications

    Stiavelli Irio Industrial Fans and Blowers may be used for the following applications:

    • Mine and tunnel ventilation systems
    • Tunnel and duct gas exhaust systems
    • Toxic or inflammable gas extraction
    • Machinery cooling
    • Filtering of processing systems
    • Pneumatic transport
    • Mineral processing

    Please, feel free to contact our technical department for further information.

Related Industrial Fans

Medium Pressure Fan


V (m³/h) = 670÷255000
Pt (kg/m²) = 72÷900
YVA Belt Drive Centrifugal Industrial Fan


V (m³/h)=1200÷228000
Pt (kg/m²) = 95÷1100

YEVL Axial Fans

V (m³/h) = 1320÷120000
Pt (kg/m²) = 4÷100


Mine Ventilation and Exhaust Gas Radial or Axial Ducted Fans and Blowers. Heavy Duty and High Efficiency Mine Fans. Explosion Proof too.
Centrifugal fans for tunnels, Mine axial fans, High pressure radial fans, Underground ventilations, Pneumatic conveying, Tunnel and duct aeration, Fumes exhaust system, Silencer, Ogive core silencer, Noise reduction, Pressurization systems, Hydraulic control unit.

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