Roller Table Motors

  • Features

    • Degree of protection: IP66W
    • Totally enclosed non-ventilated
    • Design N
    • Sealing at cable inlet and sealing between endshield and frame
    • Frame: 132M, 160L, 180M and 200L (other frame sizes under request)
    • Insulation class “F”
    • WISE insulation system – Suitable for frequency inverter operation*
    • Thermal protections: PTC Thermistor, 1 per phase, for tripping at 155°C on windings
    • Space heaters
    • Terminal box integrated with non-drive end endshield
    • Terminal Block
    • Shaft, bolts and nameplate are made of stainless steel
    • Internal epoxi anti-corrosion painting and external painting plan with PI finish for aggressive environments (WEG code 212P)
    • Radial/circular fins
    • Color: Ral 5007 – Blue

    *For additional details about Inverter operation, please contact our technical support.

  • Available Options

      A wide range of optionals is available:

    • Grease nipples
    • Design D and H
    • Bearing thermal protections
    • Drain
  • Typical Applications

    The Rolling Mill industry requires special driving equipment, custom-made to meet the severeapplication conditions. The main applications of this motor are in rolling mills and roller tables where theycan be direct on line or through a VSD driven and thus submitted to corrosive agents, water, dust,overheating, excessive number of starts and frequent reversal of the direction of rotation.

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