Silenced Axial Fan

  • Duty

    Axial fan employed to ventilate a gallery for marble extraction.

  • Range

    qV (m3/h) = 30.000
    pFst (kg/m2) = 65

  • Features

    Low pressure axial fan.
    Impeller with blades made of PPG (polypropylene), directly mounted on the electric motor shaft.

  • Technical Note

    The drum was manufactured in carbon steel S235JR, while the impeller has PPG blades and aluminium hub.
    The highlights of this fan are: the terminal box, placed outside the drum, to facilitate the electrical connection of the motor to the control panel; the inlet and outlet silencers.

    Provided options:

    • Inspection door
    • Inlet nozzle
    • Protection net
    • Supporting feet
  • Technical Department

    The customer required an air blowing system for a gallery for marble extraction, to ensure the necessary airflow: the fan is connected to a flexible pipe, 150 m long, to convey air into the gallery; two cylindrical silencers have beed installed to reduce the noise level of the fan.

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Marble Mechanical

Extraction and finishing of marble, granite or stone polishing. Resin machines.