Industrial Shredding Fans
YTK/R Series

  • Range

    V (m³/h) = 900÷130000
    Pt (kg/m²) = 100÷800

  • Features

    Low and medium pressure centrifugal blower fan.
    Open blades radial impeller.
    Direct-coupled motor with impeller splined on the shaft or Belt drive transmission.
    Heavy duty structure for hard work. (Shredding fans)

  • Temperature

    Temperature allowed:

    • Direct-coupled: Maximum fluid temperature allowed is 80°C or 150 °C if a cooling fan is installed
    • Belt Drive: Maximum fluid temperature allowed is 90°C or 350°C if a cooling fan is installed

    In case of higher temperatures, some modifications to the fan structure are needed*.

  • Typical Applications

    This type of fan is suitable to suck very dusty air with suspended material (dust or granulates). An open radial blades impeller offers excellent capabilities for filaments and waste whenever other kinds of impellers may be obstructed.

    • Woodwork plants
    • Shavings handlig
    • Granules handling
    • Textile, paper, plastic trimming handling
    • Tannery shavings handling
    • Waste, filaments
    • Mechanical draught
    • Textile and synthetic fibers handling
    • Yarn waste handling
    • shredding fan

    This type of fan can operate as PAPER SHREDDER (shredding fan). Appropriate blades, placed on the impeller and/or the nozzle, cut the paper transported by the fluid.
    Please feel free to ask at our technical division to have a correct dimensioning for your duct and pressure drop!

    For further details please contact our technical department.

Available Options
  • Cooling fan
  • Custom painting
  • Drain cap
  • Inspection door
  • Special steel manufacturing
  • Inhibitor treatment
  • Manufactured in compliance with ATEX directive
  • PAPER SHREDING Configuration
  • Carbon Steel
  • Austenitic stainless steel Alloy AISI 304
  • Austenitic stainless steel Alloy AISI AISI 316
  • COR-TEN Steel (Corrosion resistance – Tensile strenght)
  • Hardox
  • Polipropylene
  • Custom painting
  • Inhibitor treatment
  • Coibentation
  • Ebonite treatment (rubber coating)
  • Galvanized
  • Pickling
  • Shoot peening

Presale Data

You can count on updated documentation, technical data and data sheets. Drawings and 3D rendering available for all the models.


Our Fans and Blowers are tighter with our responsive Instruction and Maintenance Manual available in multilingual version.

Safe Packaging

The proper solution for transport and storage. It complies with worldwide regulations providing precautions for corrosion, vibrations and shocks.