WEG Medium voltage electric motor
WEG Electric Motors
WEG Official Distributor

WEG Electric Motors and Drives Official Distributor and Service 
Standard on our Fans and Blowers, for You and Your Machinery too

W22 Electric Motors IE2 / IE3

Premium Efficiency Electric Motors exceeding IE3. Interest for top efficient performance in virtually every industrial application.

Automation and VSD

Variable Speed Drives and automation solutions. Advanced Drive and Control capabilities with advanced CFW line.

WEG Drive Systems

High Efficiency, High Dynamic and Low Noise Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Motors and Electronic Drives for each industrial application.

Official Distributor

One of the greatest European WEG Distributors. WEG genuine W22 line Electric Motors ready to delivery directly to You Worldwide. Up to 355kW on the shelf!


Official awarded WEG Service. WEG well trained, Professional technicians with advanced skills to support You. Spare parts and Technical lab. Explosion-Proof too.

Outstanding Support

Our WEG awarded expert technicians and sales team are available to provide You with right answers as soon as possible. You will never be alone on decision matters.

Explosion Proof Electric Motors

W22X High Efficiency IE2

W22X is an evolution on the market of classified area products. High efficiency up to 330kW. For potentially explosive areas as Zone 1 and 2, gas group IIA, IIB, IIC.


W22X Premium Efficiency IE3

A concrete answer to the demand of Premium-efficiency for hazardous area products. Premium efficiency levels Explosion-Proof electric motors.

W22X… Medium, High Voltage

To operate on both Zone 1 and 2, Groups IIA and IIB. Also in versions for gas group IIC on both Zone 1 and 2, Dust environments and Underground Coal Mines.


Compliance with IEC standards, NEMA standards, UL CSA, INMETRO ABNT NBR 7094, GOST and certifications from Institutes from worldwide.

Energy efficiency

WEG Motors meet IE2 and IE3 standards in agreement with 640/2009/EC. A Super Premium Efficiency, IE4, is also available.


A complete framework of documents for You. Explore our library of WEG Catalogues, Brochures, Datasheets, Drawings and Curves. Printed on request.

Special Purpose

HGF Low and High Voltage

A new design in Voltage 380V to 6,6kV with standard features from 90kW to 3150kW at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Poles and frame size 315 up to 630.

WMagnet Motors

Motor’s rotor fitted with permanent magnets for high performance, higher efficiency working tighter with CFW11 Inverter for precision control.

weg w22 ie2 nema premium

W22 NEMA Premium Efficiency

Electric motors in NEMA standard (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for american market. Contact Us for more info.

With a wide range of Industrial Electric Motors, WEG offers solutions from the simplest to dedicated applications for aggressive environments, at high temperature or in scarcely ventilated places, high efficiency demands, with motion controlled or breaking assisted service. Low maintenance request and extended lifetime are provided for every industrial application.


High Power - Low Voltage

WEG Electric Motors for Strenuous Applications

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W22 WEG Electric Motors

High Performance to Enhance the Productivity

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W22 WEG Electric Motors

Efficiency and Reliability for Industrial Applications

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WEG Catalogues and Documentation

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