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The Italian Industrial Fans & Blowers Manufacturer
Since 1946. With Advanced Technology, Experience and the Quality of Our Work

Everlasting Materials

Our most appreciated Multipurpose Industrial Fan. Handcrafted and designed with accurate technical analysis for Your application. Powered by WEG Motors.

Swing Out Axial Fans

Advanced Technology

Best materials, advanced technology and top level performance for Your machinery or plant. Dependable fans and blowers, ensuring reliability and long lifetime.

Fertilizer Everlasting fan

Reinvented Custom Fans

Advanced design and materials for Critical Applications and corrosive atmosphere or fluids. Special coatings for harsh environments, salts and acids.


Passion is an important component of the value behind our products. Unequalled quality and service to offer the customer something unique, unmatched.

Made in Italy

We proudly work “Italian style” with passion, creativity and technology. For Us it’s a matter of pride to have the “Made in Italy” mark on our fans and blowers.


Every day we reply to requests from foreign countries. Global Customers can have a direct relationship with us, since the most spread languages are spoken.

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Energy Efficiency ERP

High efficiency standards for our products: new ecofriendly solutions to reduce Carbon footprint.

Oil and Gas Electric Motors - Industrial Fan Blowers | Stiavellii

New technologies mean new opportunities to refurbish old plants improving the performance.

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Inside Stiavelli Irio

Explore our warehouse and structure. Just in time production models and core activities in house.

Packaging Stiavelli Irio

Our products deserve a special packaging solution to reach You in perfect conditions worldwide.

Customer Satisfaction

We have a natural inclination toward Customer Care. We focus on His satisfaction, to offer the best products and service. This key feature distinguishes Us.

High Retention

Our relationship with customers is highly human. We listen and understand their perspective. So they do not abandon Us and Customer Retention Index is very High.

Brand Reputation

Word of mouth is our best publicity. Leading companies work with Us, therefore our Customers are not simply satisfied: they are willing to share such an experience.

Fairs and Events

Take notice of our “Fairs and Event plan” to visit Us, get in touch with our newest products and meet our team. World’s leading trade fairs are excellent opportunities for people meeting, to establish new contacts and open up to new markets. Explore this section to know more about past event participation too.

Next Fairs

Small and medium-sized enterprises, retailers, but also global companies visit our stand to meet our company, a family company, operating in the global market and aiming to continuously reinforce its position.

Achema 2024

Achema 2024

Frankfurt am Main 10 - 14 June 2024

Fairs & Events: Next Fair and Event Plan, Past Fairs and Events.

We, People

At Stiavelli Irio’s We are focused on customer needs and You may consider Us a team of people committed to help You, to realize the fitting fan for You.

Quality System

Our Quality System, including sales and production procedures, guarantees ‘top quality goods and excellent customer care’, to enhance our company mission.

Ecodesign Vision

Our fans and blowers comply with environmentally friendly ecodesign principles to obtain the highest efficiency values and offering sustainable solutions!