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The electromechanical sector provides many solutions to convert electrical energy into motion and applies this principle to the machinery used in industry.
Machinery manufacturers, mechanical and electromechanical workshops, repairers, installers, service centres, maintenance operators and processing industries that require for WEG Electric Motors will find a perfect partner in Us.

Stiavelli Irio srl is WEG Official Distributor for WEG electric motors, Awarded Explosion Proof Official Service and Awarded Inverter and Automation Provider. Our more than twenty years partnership with WEG is Your best guarantee.

WEG Electric Motors

Advanced Technological WEG Electric Motors for Electromechanical Sector

WEG Electric Motors for ElectromechanicalDesigned with modern technology to provide high performances, WEG electric motors offer a wide range of solutions for any kind of machinery, guaranteeing  low maintenance, high reliability and major flexibility.

  • Typical Applications

    As OFFICIAL WEG DISTRIBUTOR we provide WEG electric motors to Manufacturers, Assistance Service and Maintenance Operators of machinery and equipment such as:

    • Material handling machinery: roller units, conveyor belts, metering systems, mechanical transport, hoisting systems, winches, cranes, lifts, hoppers, handling and automation machinery
    • Pressurization and air flow equipment: fans, blowers, piston and worm compressors, aerators, blowers, air conditioning units, HVAC
    • Centrifugal Pump, in-line mounting, boiler supply, sewage, pistons, process, metering, drainage pumps, building applications, water treatment units
    • Moulding Equipment: hydraulic presses, injection presses, bending machines, power hammers, extruders, compactors, metal dies (copper, steel, iron), automatic machinery
    • Gearboxes, (worm, planet gear, pendular…), hydraulic control units
    • Extruders, machines in which various kinds of materials are melted and create profiles of different shapes. Plastic extruders, Aluminum extruders and equipment for various treatments. Plastic injection moulding.

Compliance with NEMA, UL CSA, INMETRO ABNT NBR 7094 and Certification from major Certification Institutes too. Here are worldwide companies that have approved WEG:

Worldwide companies that have approved WEG electric motors

Official Distributor

Genuine W22 line WEG Electric Motors ready for delivery directly to You Worldwide. Up to 355kW on the shelf!


WEG Electric Motors meet IE2 and IE3 standards in compliance with 640/2009/CE. A Super Premium Efficiency, IE4 is available.