Condor Axial Fan

  • Duty

    Axial fan used to change the air and reduce the perception of heat

  • Features

    Plug&play transportable axial fan

  • Techincal Notes

    Axial fan with 1600 mm diameter impeller with 4 airfoil aluminum blades, safety net, base with swivel wheels with positioning brake, control panel with inverter and potentiometer.

  • Motor Control

    Permanent magnet brushless electric motor 0.25 kW 400V 3ph


    It is an innovative fan, indispensable for reducing the perception of heat, eliminating humidity, drying, expelling fumes or dust. It does not require any particular installation, it is a ready-to-use plug&play fan and as such perfect in any context.

HVAC Air Handling

Ventilation systems for airports, wind tunnels, air-conditioning systems, and air handling.