Casing-Mounted Fan

  • Duty

    Low pressure fan for paint booth.

  • Range

    V (m3/h) = 10.080 – 25.200
    Pt (Kg/m2) = 171 – 82

  • Features

    Low pressure fan, backward-curved blades impeller for high efficiency. Direct drive, without motor supporting base (arrangement 5).

  • Technical Notes

    The fan has a rectangular structure that provides the support for the positioning. It is supplied in ATEX II 3 Gc arrangement, since it has to be installed in potentially explosive atmosphere (paint booth).

  • Motor Control

    WEG Electric Motor ATEX 160 M4, 11 kW, 4 poles, B5, 400 V, 50 Hz, II 3G ExnA

  • Technical Department

    Low pressure fan, employed in a paint booth, equipped with inspection door and special supporting structure.

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