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Top Notch Structure

Reliability and resistance for harsh enviroments and strenuous applications. Heavy Duty and Long Life construction features for fans on continuous duty.

Custom Industrial Fans Top Notch structure

Everlasting Materials

Dependable Fans and Blowers for critical applications and corrosive atmospheres or fluids. Advanced design and materials for reliability and long lifetime.

Fertilizer Everlasting fan

Specific Finishes

Custom paintings and a complete collection of treatments to prevent corrosion. Inhibitors, galvanic treatments, coatings against salts and acids.

Presale Support

An outstanding presale support to help You in every decision matter. A technical department available to convert Your request into the most proper model of fan.

Presale Documents

You can count on our documentation, technical data and data sheets. Feel free to ask Us for specific drawings and curves to evaluate the product.


Every day we reply to requests from foreign countries. Global Customers can have a direct relationship with us, since the most spread languages are spoken.

Centrifugal Industrial Fans

A Low pressure centrifugal fan

Low Pressure Fans

Centrifugal, radial flow, multi-purpose industrial fans. A smooth and continuous low pressure air flow, suitable for many applications, as suction or blowing.

A Standard Industrial Fan

Medium Pressure Fans

Advanced multi-purpose, high efficiency, open/closed blades impellers, to move air, gas or dusty fluids at medium pressure levels.

YHP High Pressure Industrial Fans

High Pressure Fans

Top performance and highest pressure values for processes, pneumatic conveying and more. With backward or forward curved blades impellers.


Our industrial fans comply with directive 2006/42/EC and 2009/125/EC. Declaration of Conformity underlines our compliance with UNI EN ISO standards.


Compliance with Directive 2009/125/EC for the setting of Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products. Efficiency data always available on documents.


Our Industrial Fans may be supplied in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Fan data for hazardous areas registered at TÜV Sud. Ask us for more info.

Axial Ducted Industrial Fans

Standard Axial Fans

Compact dimensions and easy construction set for industrial standard axial fans. A wide range of impellers’ design and blades to fit typical applications.

Advanced Airfoil

Many casing shapes, materials and finishings. Advanced airfoil profile blades high efficiency impeller design enables great performance and reduced noise.

YEV Axial Fan with Plastic Impeller

Plastic Material Impeller

Reinforced resistant plastic materials for long life and corrosion-proof impellers. Many blades profiles to optimize performance, efficiency and noise.


An exhaustive, easy to read Maintenance and Use Handbook is supplied with every fan and blower. Available in many languages.

Safe Packaging

The proper solution for transport and storage. It complies with worldwide regulations providing precautions for corrosion, vibrations and shocks.

LifeTime Support

Ask for our support for original spare parts and components. On request, we can arrange Assistance Service on worldwide sites. 

Accessories, Components and Spare Parts

Valves for Axial Fans

Valves and Shutters

Throttle valves, Dapò flow regulators and shutters. Suitable to regulate the delivery volume of the fluid. Manual or Automatic control.


Joints for Industrial Fans

Connection Joints

Duct Joints for inlet and outlet service. High temperature, High resistance tissue. Special constructions on demand to fit any application.


Our silencers are the right solution to reduce noise and limit dB sound pressure levels. Core ogive construction available too.


Carbon Steel S 235 JR, Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316, COR-TEN, Aluminium, Titanium and high technology high resistance special alloys. Reinforced plastics.


Entire RAL color chart. Customized coating processes with primer-intermediate-finish coating analyses. Corrosion inhibitors or galvanic treatments.

Available Options

Openable construction or multi split case, advanced sealing system, multi stage configuration, flow regulators, sensors and regulating systems.

Case Study Custom Fans

Entirely designed and Made in Italy Custom Industrial Fans and Blowers with high efficiency and high performance to better satisfy customer’s application requirements. They are manufactured in compliance with the latest standards and regulations and they are also available with ATEX Compliance configurationPowered by genuine top quality WEG Motors and Drives.

Industrial Plug Fan
Industrial fans for plastic materials transportation
Industrial fans for wind tunnels
Bifurcated Fan for Chemical Application
High pressure fans and blowers bi stadium

Case Study: Explore the best custom applications for our customers

Custom Industrial Fans


Move Your Application Forwards with Our Answers. Explore Our Solutions for Your World. Reliability, High Efficiency, Long Lifetime.

Applications: Explore the endless possibilities to move Your application forward with Us.


Industrial Fans Catalogues and Documentation

Feel free to get more information about our products.

Stiavelli Irio Centrifugal Fan Brochure
Stiavelli Irio Axial Fan Brochure
Stiavelli Fans and Blowers 2018
Catalogo Assiali e Torrini
Radial Open Blades Fans Catalogue YTK_R1
Low-Medium Pressure Fans Catalogue YVM

Explosion-Proof ATEX Axial Fans Details

Anti-sparking Explosion Proof Duct Fan
Industrial Axial Fans
Explosion proof terminal box for axial fan


Explosion-Proof Materials to avoid sparks and ignitions with Aluminium and Brass band on wetted parts. Special production process for devices and components. Anti-sparking screwing systems for safe couplings.


Explosive gases or dusts may develop in ship’s holds and other hazardous zones (classified areas). Specific non-sparking and explosion-proof arrangements will be provided. Brass and Aluminium applied for top safety.


Our Industrial Fans may be supplied in compliance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Fan data for hazardous areas registered at TÜV Sud. They comply with specific standards. Declaration of Conformity available.