Centrifugal Fan for Plastic Transportation

  • Duty

    Centrifugal fan for chemical industry, employed to convey plastic trims.
    Suction and handling of plastic material waste.

  • Range

    V (m3/h) = 6000
    Pt (Kg/m2) = 660

    Medium pressure centrifugal fan in arrangement 9U with radial open blades impeller.

  • Features

    Centrifugal fan in special arrangement 9U (motor on the support) with open blades impeller, suitable for the handling of plastic, rubber and waste. Due to space requirements, the arrangement 9U is necessary to minimize the dimensions of the machine.
    The electric motor is coupled to the industrial fan through belt drive.

    Provided Options

    • Welded casing
    • Inspection door
    • Simple sealing on the center bore
    • Straight blades impeller
  • Motor Control

    WEG W22 IE2 22 kW 2 poles B3 V 400/690 50 Hz IP55

  • Technical Department

    The fan is realized in special arrangement, manufactured to comply with the standard dimensions required by the customer, because of limited space.
    The fan derives from a paper shredder, whose inlet nozzle and impeller have been modified to adapt to the kind of conveyed material.

Chemical Industry

Manufacturing and treatment of chemicals, abatement. Galvanic and distillation Facilities