Tissue Industrial Treatment

  • Duty

    Industrial fan used for chemical treatments on tissue with fluid containing ammonia solution.

  • Range

    V (m3/h) = 650
    Pt (Kg/m2) = 1.115

  • Features

    Two-stage high pressure centrifugal fan.
    High efficiency backward-curved blades impellers manufactured in AISI 316L.
    Standard electric motor coupled through belt drive transmission.

  • technical note

    This model of industrial fan is manufactured with the wetted parts in AISI 316 L. The casing has a continuous welding construction. A carbon steel bedplate supports the fan and the electric motor.
    The fan is manufactured in compliance with ATEX directive.

    In the picture you can see the housing for the bearings and the double-ring seal in AISI 316 L, with a provision for nitrogen blowing to guarantee an excellent sealing system.

    Provided options

    • Fe bedplate
    • Inspection door
    • Drain cap
    • Protection guard with brass details
    • Double-ring seal in AISI 316 L
  • motor control

    Three-phase electric motor ATEX Exd IIC T4 7,5 kW  2 poles B3 V 400/690 50 Hz IP55.

  • Technical Department

    Design solutions for this machine enable a top safety process. The customer had to receive the right solution to a challenging problem. The toxicity of Ammonia is well known and we had to make our best to keep the workplace safe, avoiding gas emissions.

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